When It Comes To Epilepsy, Let’s Stop Talking About What We Can’t Do & Start Focusing On What We Can

Six years ago I suffered my first grand mal seizure. Since then a good portion of my life has been medication trials and errors, CAT scans, MRIs, various testing, and listening to long lists of can’ts and don’ts. Don’t take a bath alone. You can’t drive a car. Don’t eat gluten or drink alcohol. You can’t miss sleep. It’s a stressful life when you look at it like that. But I realized something recently. Since my diagnosis in 2009, I have also achieved a number of amazing things and had so many wonderful experiences. In researching epilepsy online, following a number of forums and seeking support however I discovered an upsetting trend. Majority of the information and conversations out there are centered around fear, focusing on the long lists of can’ts and don’ts and neglecting to highlight the cans; the stories of people out there who are battling epilepsy while simultaneously pursuing their passions. Life doesn’t end with an epilepsy diagnosis, a new chapter simply opens, waiting to be written and we are in charge of what we want that chapter’s content to be. My chapter is one of exploration both geographically as well as mentally and spiritually and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

I start this blog in hopes of inspiring others. By sharing my personal stories of what I have, can and will do despite my epilepsy I aim to provide hope for others out there who are also battling the condition, and for the parents who see their children face the struggles that epilepsy can produce. We are so much more than our diagnosis. As the blog progresses my goal is to incorporate the stories of other individuals who are impacting, experiencing and enjoying the world around them despite their epilepsy diagnoses. If you are an epilepsy warrior with a story to share, or know someone else who’s currently fighting or has fought the battle and continued to achieve amazing things who may want to be featured please email me. Together we can spread awareness, optimism and break down the stigmas surrounding epilepsy.