People With Epilepsy Can Dye Their Hair…

… For A Cause

Now don’t get me wrong, anyone can dye their hair and can have a deep, meaningful reason for doing it. That’s precisely one of the reasons why this post exists, as a reminder that we (people with epilepsy) can do anything that anyone else can do; including something as simple as dying our hair. The other reason the post exists is to highlight that we (or anyone for that matter) can dye our hair purple to build awareness about epilepsy in a unique way.

As you readers may already know, November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. I had been thinking about dying my hair an out-of-the-box color for a while now and the arrival of this month was just the nudge I needed to make it happen. I scheduled an appointment at the start of November for a color session at a fabulous local salon called Head Games. Fittingly, half-way through the appointment I experienced an aura. The stylist, the lovely miss Rachel Helm who also happened to recently be voted Portland’s Best Stylist showed just why she deserves the title by not only giving me a fantastic shade or purple but also supporting me and remaining calm as I began hearing background noise, feeling a sense of deja vu and babbling nonsense at her for several minutes. She made me feel like I wasn’t broken and that I wasn’t scary because of my epileptic episode but that I was just human, with quirks just like anyone else.

Now I’m sporting this stand out shade or purple

purple hairand when anyone asks about or compliments me on the new do I can say with pride “Thanks! I decided to go purple for Epilepsy Awareness Month!” It‘s been a unique way for me to open up dialogue with people about epilepsy, people who otherwise may never have even thought to ask about it because epilepsy is an un-seen disorder and because it is often difficult for people to start conversations on sensitive topics such as health. I can now wear my purple with pride, and you can too!… you know. if dying your hair unconventional colors is your thing of course!

Whatever your hair color may be; purple, brown, blonde, black, blue, red, white, wear your epilepsy warrior badge with pride! Keep fighting and keep educating. Know you are not alone but that we are all in this together.

Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month warriors!

The Epileptic Explorer

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