Top Places For People With Epilepsy To Live

Epileptic Explorer Counts Down
The Top Places To Live If You Have Epilepsy

Disclaimer: I am no expert on which cities have the highest level of epilepsy resources per capita or which states the nation’s most qualified neurologists call home but as someone living with epilepsy I do find this list to be quiet helpful.

Number 2: Portland Maine


Number 1: Wherever They Want!


This past month I have been slowly moving into a new apartment, just about five blocks away from my current apartment in the city of Portland, Maine and it got me thinking about why I choose to live in Portland at all. Maybe you have heard of the city. It’s been on heck of a lot of top ten, twenty, thirty etc. lists lately and today its made its way onto mine.

Portland has made it onto this exclusive top 2 list not because it has some phenomenal amount of resources for people with epilepsy (it doesn’t) or because it has fantastic public transit for those of us who can’t drive (it doesn’t) but because to me it’s home. Although its number of neurologists is limited it’s restaurants are vast (and I love to eat) and what it lacks in epilepsy support groups it makes up for in the calm and therapeutic sounds of ocean waves (my favorite sound to relax to). Plus, Boston has plenty of resources and it’s just two hours away. The purpose of this post isn’t to persuade you to move to Portland however. That’s why the city didn’t take the number one spot. It’s to let you know that even with epilepsy you can live wherever you want!

Take a look at where you currently live. Is it a place that makes you happy? If not, think about what’s holding you back from changing your living situation. Is it in any way tied to your epilepsy? If so, remember this. Epilepsy can keep us from doing some things but it can’t keep us from living where we want. I’ll say it again. You’re not stuck. Make a list of the top five things you want and need from a living situation. If your current location doesn’t provide majority of those things, do some research and find a place that does, then move there, or maybe try some places out to see what fits. Don’t hold back.

If you love where you currently live. I would love to know about it! Please share your story with your fellow epilepsy warriors in the comments below.

Don’t let epilepsy hold you back from living the life you deserve.
-The Epileptic Explorer