People With Epilepsy Can Walk To Build Awareness

This past week this blog celebrated its one year anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, this writer/Epilepsy warrior joined the Epilepsy Foundation of New England in their walk to build funds and awareness for the fight against this relatively unseen illness.

epliepsy_foundation_walk_2016The day began as we all gathered at a local high school before departing on our two mile walk. It was an incredibly powerful and moving experience as I and my team of seven advocates became surrounded by what felt like hundreds of other warriors, survivors and supporters.

Fueled by sustenance from generous food sponsors, we set out on our journey to spread awareness. On the walk I was able to share my Epilepsy story with others and to gain inspiration and strength from hearing the stories of other walkers. The supportive energy from all of these people coming together blanketed in a sea of purple shirts was immeasurable. Seeing families and friends supporting each other, dogs donning Epilepsy’s signature color and kids running side by side all to support one another was so positively uplifting that I was almost moved to tears. I couldn’t possibly imagine a better way to have celebrated the blog’s birthday.

We won’t be able to break down the stigmas surrounding Epilepsy and help find its cure without taking action and raising awareness. Walking for Epilepsy is just one way to take a stand and show your support. Different locations host walks and fundraising events at different times. I recommend locating your local branch of the Epilepsy Foundation and contacting them for more information on events in your area. In the meantime, The National Epilepsy Foundation has fantastic resources to learn how you can help and become an advocate for Epilepsy. Click here to learn some of ways you can get involved.


Walk On!
The Epileptic Explorer

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